Why its important to service your boiler

Boiler servicing falls down on the list of priorities for most homeowners, it only becomes a higher priority when the heating or hot water stops working, especially in the middle of winter!

A recent survey in 2019 revealed that 10% of people in the UK have never had their boiler serviced. And  suggested that a large proportion of people think that boiler servicing is not needed and should just wait for the boiler to break down before having it looked at by a heating engineer.

Why should a boiler be serviced regularly?

Having a valid warranty can offer peace of mind that your boiler is covered and avoid unexpected costly repairs.

If you are a home or property owner, it is your responsibility to have the boiler serviced every year to keep your boiler warranty valid.

If the boiler warranty isn’t valid then you are responsible for the boiler repair or replacement.

Making sure your boiler is in good working condition and safe to use should be a priority for responsible homeowners 

Annual servicing increases the life of your boiler, helps to reduce gas usage and most importantly keeps your home safe.

After servicing, a certificate is usually issued as evidence that the boiler has been serviced and defective parts have been replaced, so that if the worst does happen, you are able to show that you have taken steps to have the system regularly maintained.  

We at Infinity Heating & Plumbing install, service and maintain all makes and models of boiler. We are not tied to any one manufacturer. We always listen to our clients and customise our advice and recommendations to suit each customer needs. 

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